Creating a Better Artificial Intelligence Powered Future.

Intelligence Everywhere.

"Piloting Intelligent Software Development and Applications Across Sectors."

We focus at leveraging the potential of Artificial Intelligence for Telecommunications and Software Development aiming at transforming lives. This involves development of smart communication components and softwares for Health, Education, Agriculture and Business use.

To become the leading entity that is dedicated to improve the digital economy by the use of AI/ML technology.

Our mission is to bridge the intelligence gap in business processes by offering innovative, trustworthy, explainable, and useful AI models/solutions for improving services across sectors.

AISOFT Learning Program

This program aims at empowering youth especially students with the skills in our area of focus that is building Artificial Intelligence softwares for different applications

  • Knowledge on Artificial Intelligence powered softwares
  • Understanding and Applying Machine Learning Operations(MLOps) and AutoML.
  • Interactive sessions on problem solving and design thinking in AI driven solutions perspectives.
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Our Services

Our exceptional services that we offer.

AI Powered Solutions

We develop artificial intelligence powered solutions for business applications.

Research and Innovation

Telesoftai focuses is also to embrace innovation and research which will bring about quality and trustable solutions.

Web and Mobile Apps Development

We build mobile,desktop and web applications at high speed while meeting customer requirements.

Autonomous Systems

We build electronic components,network and artificial intelligence powered autonomous systems.

Network Installation and Management

Provide effieciecy and at low cost network installation and configuration services.

Capacity Building & Consultation

We organise workshops and conferences with the aim of sharing knowledge with the community on 4IR technologies.

Our Team

Zephania Reuben


Gloriana Monko


John Fedinand


Ramadhani Ramadhani


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Telesoftai is located at Dodoma, Tanzania the country's capital city.

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